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Data Encoding and Compression

GPERF - A Perfect Hash Function Generator
BLAKE2 - Simpler, Smaller, Fast as MD5
Huffman Coding
Efficient Lightweight Compression Algorithm Alongside Fast Scans
Lossless Source Coding
Lossless Compression in Lossy Compression Systems
Efficient Lossless Compression of Trees and Graphs
Survey of Information Encoding Techniques for DNA
Vertical DNA Sequences Compression Algorithm Based on Hexadecimal Representation
Ultrafast and memory-efficient alignment of short DNA sequences to the human genome
Integer Encoding

Cheat Sheets

All In One Mathematics Cheat Sheet
Trigonometry Cheat Sheet
C Reference Cheat Sheet
x86 Intrinsics Cheat Sheet
PowerShell Basic Cheat Sheet
JavaScript Cheat Sheet
Know Your HTTP Status Codes


A Mathematical Theory of Communication
Information Theory for Intelligent People
Parsing Gigabytes of JSON per Second
Simple Image File Formats - PPM file format
Folding and Unfolding - Erik D. Demaine - Ph.D Thesis 2001